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What is IPtools ?

IPtools is a set of small tiny TCP/IP programs that can be all put into one single floppy, so that no installation is required. These tools include many small IP servers e.g mini Webserver, Remote command server (like a telnet server - yet "like"!), tftp server (in future) and so on ... Also client tools include tftp client, Mulitcast client, UDP packet generator, UDP proxy, EoUDP tool, snmp browser (in future) and so on ... 
This small tools are very good for testing TCP/IP connectivities, since no complicated installation is required, you can just bring your floppy to any Windows base PC and directly run those tools.

Why I write this tool ?

As I'm an instructor to teach various networking courses. This tools can make me and all the students easiler to test the network connectivity. Right now, the problem of Windows machines is that, they lack of Webserver or telnet server software. All I need is just small servers that better don't need to have complicated configuration and can be as simple as running from a floppy.

Which platform is required to run IPtools ?

Currenlty IPtools is developed and tested under Windows operating system. In fact, most of the tools are written in Perl language. So they are highly plotable to other UNIX platforms. But as some of the Windows behavious, e.g. line-feed and carriage return handling is different from UNIX, it may need minor modification to plot to UNIX.

Where to get it ?

Download the compressed tar file.
Older release can be found in the project home page at sourceforge

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Documentation ?

Press here to read the installation notes.

Release Information

Version 0.1.1 - first release 
This release includes a mini Webserver, Remote command server and a tftp client. The coming release will include a tftp server and maybe a ftp server.
Version 0.1.2 - 2nd release
A Mulicast client and a UDP client (which can also used to send multicast packets i.e. acting as a Multicast server) programs have been added.
Version 0.1.3 - 3rd release
Fix a misplaced library file in release 0.1.2, suppress some debug message in Multicast client and UDP client
Version 0.1.4 - 4th release
Fix the command line path, add some more options for udpc program

Version 0.2.0 - 5th release
Add an UDP bridge program that can bridge between Cisco Router Simulator (GNS3/Dynamips) interface with H3C Router Simulator (CEN/LITO)

Please refer to the UDP Bridge Tutorial

Version 0.3.0 – extend the UBridge to be able to bridge to PC’s local interface, this make the tool becoming a very powerful tools such as to implement EoUDP (Ethernet over UDP tunnel), UDP proxy etc.

Also starting on 0.3.0, I decide to use the project wiki page and my Blog for announcing now features. This webpage may not be up-to-date, please refer to the WIKI and my Blog to see what’s new.

Some more words

As all other GPL software, this tool is provided as it is. It doesn't guarantee any performance and the author is not responsible for any lost of data or damages to the system by using this tool. Anyhow any comments and bug reports are all welcome. 

About the Author ....

Please visit my personal home page.

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