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pmon - a protocol analysor
iptools - set of small TCP/IP tools
pmon is a protocol analysor and a packet capturing tools (like a sniffer) which provides graphical user interface under various UNIX platforms. It seperates packets into different TCP/UDP sessions. It also analyses different session information such as user ID and password information in telnet/ftp sessions, URL in WWW sessions.
Users can also turn on/off packet capturing for different sessions and set different threshold values such as number of packet received, so that pmon will change the session color after those threshold value.

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IPtools is a set of small tiny TCP/IP programs that can be all put into one single floppy, so that no installation is required. These tools include many small IP servers e.g mini Webserver, Remote command server (like a telnet server - yet "like"!), tftp server and so on ... Also client tools include tftp client, Mulitcast client, snmp browser and so on ...
This small tools are very good for testing TCP/IP connectivities, since no complicated installion is required, you can just bring your floppy to any Windows base PC and directly run those tools.
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